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What is Artificial Grass Made of?

The main materials used to manufacture artificial grass are Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE). Polypropylene (PP) has a strong and firm property which makes artificial grass suitable for low impact activities that includes gardening and sports such as golf and tennis. Polyethylene (PE), however, is softer and more durable. Artificial grass made of Polyethylene (PE) is appropriate for high impact activities and is suitable to be used for playgrounds and sports fields because it reduces the risk of injuries. 

When Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) are combined, the artificial grass produced is soft yet strong and more elastic, making it user-friendly and definitely safe to use.

Le Chime

Artificial Grass - Le Chime

Lightweight with gravity defying grass blades, Le Chime stays perky and is ideal for installation on vertical surfaces, walls and rooftops.

Height: 25mm
Stitch Rate15(±2) stitches, 10cm width

Le Meadow

Artificial Grass - Le Meadow
Suitable for sky gardens and outdoor landscaping. Le Meadow exudes an aesthetic look and creates a scenery that soothes the soul.

Height: 36mm
Stitch Rate12(±2) stitches, 10cm width

Le Grassi

Artificial Grass - Le Grassi
Perfect for balconies and for padding child-friendly playgrounds. Le Grassi is thick and Perfect for balconies and for padding child-friendly playgrounds. Le Grassi is thick and soft, offering luxurious comfort for leisure activity.

Height: 40mm
Stitch Rate18(±2) stitches, 10cm width

Le Clubio

Artificial Grass - Le Clubio
Designed for mini golf courses. Le Clubio’s short and neatly groomed grass blades enable golf balls to roll a longer distance, enhancing the golfer’s experience!

Height: 12mm
Stitch Rate31(±2) stitches, with a 10cm width