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Maintaining Inspire Grass®

How do I clean my Inspire Grass®?
For outdoors - just spray water over your grass with a garden hose or use a leaf blower, rake or a broom with firm bristles.

For indoors - Use a vacuum or mop to gently clean the grass surface. Just remember to brush the fibres against the natural pile direction.

How often should I clean my Inspire Grass®?
It really depends on the environment and the usage of your Inspire Grass®. You could do it once every two weeks if it’s convenient to you.

Can I use any cleaning solution to clean my Inspire Grass®?
Not really. Avoid chemicals such as chloride as it will cause discoloration of fibers. Also, stay away from aggressive cleaning products, herbicides and insecticides.

Can Inspire Grass® discolor in the sun? Is it resistant to UV? 
Everything that finds itself in the open air experiences the influence of sunlight. It will also depend on how you maintain your Inspire Grass®.

Can I put a BBQ pit on my Inspire Grass®? 
Inspire Grass® high quality synthetic fibres will melt when it comes in contact with fire and other sufficiently hot items. We recommend that hot items such as burning coals, hot ashes and cigarettes should not come into direct contact with your Inspire Grass®.

Oh no, my Inspire Grass® grass fibres look flat. What happened?
You have probably placed a heavy item on it. If it has been sitting on your Inspire Grass® for a long time, it is possible that the imprint will stay. If not, after removing the heavy item, take a broom with firm bristles and gently brush the fibres back up.

I see weeds growing on my Inspire Grass® outdoor! What’s going on?
This can happen sometimes and when it does, you can remove the weeds by picking, brushing or raking your Inspire Grass®. Do it quick so that the weeds will not have a chance to take root, especially around the edges.

How long will my Inspire Grass® last?
Well, this will very much depend on how you maintain your Inspire Grass® and how often and intense it is used. On average, Inspire Grass® can last a good 10 years.