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Install Artificial Grass On Ugly Looking Soil

Can’t stand that patch of dirt in your outdoor space? How about turning it into an evergreen arena without having to hire landscaping experts which will cost a bomb and take a long time to complete. That’s what artificial grasses like Inspire Grass® are here to do - transform unappealing surfaces into something that will wow your guests and family. Best of all is, it can be installed anywhere around your home or office as long as it is a soil surface.

Most people will usually choose the garden as an ideal spot for their artificial grass so it looks neat and clean without having to spend much time to maintain. The poolside area is also a popular choice to avoid slippery spots especially if there are children in the picture. Here are some examples of how it looks:


No Mowing, No Weeding & No Watering - Inspire Grass®


Artificial grass provides beautiful and low maintenance garden


Artificial grass for swimming pool surrounds


*We highly recommend the Le Meadow range for soil and outdoor landscaping

Installing the grass is also a breeze and can be done on your own if it’s a small area. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Clean up your area
Step 2: Excavate and remove the topsoil.
Step 3: Kill the weeds with herbicide.
Step 4: Pour sand and gravel to a desired height.
Step 5: Level the surface.
Step 6: Remove any hollows and voids to prevent sinkholes.
Step 7: Now for some fun! Lay Inspire Grass® onto the site and cut accordingly
Step 8: Trim the edges so it looks neat
Step 9: Fix in place by hammering in carbonized U-pins
Step 10: Fluff up your grass and enjoy!


Extra Tip: As soil surfaces are generally soft, laying on a thicker underfelt exterior will work wonders and provide more stability!

*Click for more details and tools you need for installation.

Of course, now you must be wondering how to keep it clean. Not to worry as cleaning the grass is a breeze. Just treat it like any other floor and use a vacuum or mop to sweep over the grass blades. Here are some helpful tips to maintain the shine and beauty of your grass. With proper care, it can last you a good 10 years! Now, that’s a worthwhile investment.

So when you’re tired of looking at the flooring and wish you could change it up, look no further than this revolutionary landscape option!

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