Artificial Grass Specialist in Malaysia
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Get Rid Of The Boring Concrete!

Artificial grass on concrete floor

Artificial grass has come a long way in adding character to drab surfaces. In fact, it is now fast becoming the most practical alternative for any type of flooring, both outdoors and indoors! Best of all, it is easily installed without creating a whole mess.

Here’s a brief overview on how easy it is:

Step 1: Clean up your area
Step 2: Measure the site and cut your artificial grass accordingly
Step 3: Apply glue on the concrete surface and the artificial grass edges
Step 4: Fluff up the artificial grass with your hands and enjoy!

Click for more details and tools you need for installation.

Of course, now you must be wondering how to keep artificial grass clean. Not to worry as cleaning the grass is a breeze. Just treat it like any other floor and use a vacuum or mop to sweep over the grass blades. Here are some helpful tips to maintain the shine and beauty of your grass.

With proper care, it can last you a good 10 years! Now, that’s a worthwhile investment.
So when you’re tired of looking at the flooring and wish you could change it up, look no further than this revolutionary landscape option!