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DIY Artificial Grass on Concrete

Ready to create your evergreen haven with Inspire Grass®? It's really easy to do, and you'll love the results. Let's get started!

You'll need:
  • Inspire Grass®
  • Measuring Tape
  • Blade Cutter
  • Adhesive

How to Install in 7 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Clean it up.

Let’s workout! Grab a broom and sweep the area clean. 

    Step 2: Lay it out.

    Now that the area is spick and span, lay Inspire Grass® onto the site. 

      Step 3 : Measure and cut.

      Measure and cut out Inspire Grass® to fit the site.

        Step 4: Apply and fix.

        Apply glue onto the concrete surface and edges of Inspire Grass® and fix it in place.

          Step 5: Join two pieces. (optional)

          Ahh...this is when two becomes one! 
          Easy, just apply glue to the middle of a jointing tape and glue the pieces of Inspire Grass® together.

            Step 6: Tidy it up.

            Ruffle the surface of Inspire Grass® gently with your hands, especially over the joints to hide seams.

              Step 7: Enjoy your evergreen Inspire Grass®!

              Tip: For a more padded feel, lay a thick exterior under-felt before laying on Inspire Grass®.

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